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Opana ER 7.5mg


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Customer Reviews
  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith

    I needed this medicine urgently and had placed the order on this site. I got the medicines in overnight delivery.

  •  Justin Che
    Justin Che

    This medication has helped my acne and it's gone for good! The problems that I had with it are not happening again. I would recommend this to anyone who has severe acne and wants to try something new as I did.

  •  Matt Polster
    Matt Polster

    The packaging of the medicines is done very well.

  •  Nick Lima
    Nick Lima

    I feel this is a good pharma medicine to help in body pain relief. I have this medicine after having my meal.

  •  Auston Trusty
    Auston Trusty

    Medicine is a powerful and effective treatment for many health issues. It can help treat everything from minor injuries to chronic diseases, from colds to cancer.