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Customer Reviews
  • Larry Allen
    Larry Allen

    I received my order in a timely manner and everything was done in a professional manner.

  • Bruce Matthews
    Bruce Matthews

    Easy to order with quick delivery. Health questions are expected when ordering non-prescription drugs, but not a problem. Would recommend.

  • Randy White
    Randy White

    It was easy to order from this pharmacy and they kept me informed when a delay came up. I still received my order in plenty of time and the price was considerably less than I had been paying in the U.S. for the same exact medication.

  • Ted Hendricks
    Ted Hendricks

    I received the product on time from them and now my kid is absolutely fine and now we are 100 percent happy with Painmedication pharmacy.

  • Art Shell
    Art Shell

    My kid had anxiety issues and I was worried for her. I got to know about online pharma healthcare products so I ordered Alprazolam 1Mg from them.