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What is Vyvanse?

  • Vyvanse is a medicine that can help improve symptoms associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
  • It can alleviate issues with attention and focus, as well as impulsiveness and hyperactivity.
  • In January 2015, this drug also became the first medicine approved by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to treat BED (binge-eating disorder) in adults.
  • Vyvanse is a CNS stimulant drug. It affects chemicals in your nerves and brain that contribute to hyperactivity and impulse control.
  • Vyvanse has similar off-label uses as those of other pharmaceutical amphetamine drugs.
  • Before taking Vyvanse, tell the doctor if you have any pre-existing health issues or if you use any other medicines.
  • It is FDA-approved to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in adults and children at least six years old.
  • ¬†Vyvanse is a stimulant medicine. The effects of this drug often begin within 2 hours and last up to 14 hours.
  • Vyvanse is an inactive prodrug that acts after being converted by our body into dextroamphetamine, a CNS stimulant.
  • You may buy Vyvanse online from our trusted pharmacy website to deal with your ADHD symptoms.

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What are the effects of Vyvanse on your body?

  • Vyvanse is the trade name for lisdexamfetamine, a prodrug. It is not active in your body until it is absorbed in your GI tract and converted to the active ingredient dextroamphetamine, which belongs to the drug class of amphetamines.
  • This medicine is a federally controlled substance. It means that Vyvanse has the potential for abuse or dependence. Vyvanse has not been tested in children under the age of six who have ADHD or in children under age 18 with BED. It is not approved for use as a weight loss medicine or to cure obesity.
  • Vyvanse can start working in your body as soon as the first dose. Like any drug, it can take a few weeks to adjust to side effects, and the doctor may need to adjust your dose over time to figure out your correct drug dose.
  • People buy Vyvanse online to manage attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and binge eating disorder. This medicine may help improve focus for users with inattentive ADHD (ADD) and reduce hyperactive behavior and impulsivity.
  • Some athletes also use this drug for its psychological and athletic performance-enhancing effects, such as enhanced alertness, stamina, and endurance.

How does Vyvanse work?

Vyvanse acts by altering the balance of chemicals in the brain and enhancing dopamine and norepinephrine levels. Norepinephrine is a stimulant drug, and dopamine is a naturally occurring substance. It stimulates feelings of pleasure and reward.

If you have ADHD, you might notice an improvement in your attention span. It may also help control impulsiveness and hyperactivity and improve concentration. You can buy Vyvanse online for its effective actions to treat your impulsiveness.

It is also used off-label for narcolepsy and treatment-resistant depression. It can improve depression, sleepiness, fatigue, and wakefulness. When used to manage BED, it can help you binge less frequently. Vyvanse can take up to 12 weeks for users to significantly decrease the binge days per week in curing binge eating disorders.

The half-life of Vyvanse –

Dextroamphetamine is the active chemical in Vyvanse, having a half-life of about 12 hours. It takes roughly five half-lives for a drug to be eliminated from the body, so after 60 hours, or 2.5 days, most of this drug is eliminated.

But the half-life and elimination of a drug might differ from one individual to another based on weight, age, genetics, other medications they take, or even other medical conditions. Purchase Vyvanse online from our online pharmacy store, as we deliver all your drugs overnight.

In adults with ADHD, Vyvanse improves alertness at two hours and up to 14 hours after taking a dose. It is a long-acting medicine that is released slowly over the day. In children with ADHD aged 6 to 12, it starts acting 1.5 hours after taking the drug and up to 13 hours after the morning dose. In studies, Vyvanse is effective throughout the day.

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How should you use Vyvanse?

You can order Vyvanse online from our e-pharmacy since ours is the most reliable online pharmacy store in the USA. One may take Vyvanse as a once-daily oral medication in the morning. The peak effects of amphetamine from either the capsule or tablet form of this medicine are reached in 3.5 to 4.5 hours.

You must avoid afternoon or evening doses as this drug can interfere with your sleep (trouble falling asleep or staying asleep). You can consume Vyvanse with or without food. You can buy Vyvanse online to treat your ADHD or binge eating disorder efficiently.

What are the side effects of Vyvanse?

The common side effects of Vyvanse in your central nervous system include the following –

  • trouble sleeping and mild anxiety
  • feeling jittery and irritable

Rare side effects include –

  • extreme anxiety
  • fatigue
  • panic attacks
  • delusions
  • feelings of paranoia
  • mania
  • hallucinations

This medicine can worsen depression or cause anxiety, panic, or hallucinations. Vyvanse can also act to sedate a person who needs sleep. Hence, it relies on changing the brain’s chemistry, which can have several side effects. The FDA cautions that patients with a history of depression can experience worsening depressive signs after using Vyvanse.

However, if you buy Vyvanse online from our site, you will not experience any side effects as we deliver superior drugs without any side effects.